Why I Turned Myself into an NFT

Concept art from Neon District by Hardy Fowler.

Launching Coin’s E-Den

I, coin_artist, tokenized myself as an NFT to found a syndicate called “Coin’s E-Den”, establishing myself as the syndicate boss, and thereby extending ownership of my brand to the shardholders. A syndicate is a group of individuals or organizations combined to promote some common interest. In this article I outline the steps to fractionalize ownership of this experience and what this means for the future of influencers and gaming as powered by blockchain.

Marguerite deCourcelle aka YT coin_artist
“When factoring in the price of these tokens, there are exponential returns to be earned for trading in harvested governance tokens.” — Cooper Turley
  • Early access to Neon District updates, within a few days to a week ahead of public release.
  • Your Neon District profile displays Syndicate badge and level.
  • Access to dedicated syndicate tiered channels within Neon District Discord.

Marguerite deCourcelle (aka coin_artist) is a technologist, game designer, and blockchain enthusiast. She is the CEO of Blockade Games

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